The effects of the 21st century lifestyle see us all: body and mind suffer from daily stress and the whole body loses efficiency and is often exposed to discomforts that can also cause serious illness.
We would need to reload every now and then Fitness Tea® can help. In addition to an exquisite taste, Fitness Tea offers with its natural herbs and spices many beneficial properties that we can not always get from what we eat. After careful studies and research we have created two herbal and natural tea formulas for those who like to feel young and fit: B-young and B-fit. The basis of both formulas is Lucky Bird’s green tea, which is known to the scientific community for properties such as lowering cholesterol and helping in low calorie regimens. Stimulating, astringent, exerts a decisive influence on the nervous system giving a feeling of well-being.


Carefully selected by herbalists for their notes and numerous health properties, they are packed in pyramid bags which, unlike the usual sachets, allow the use of whole herbs and their expansion within the pyramid.
A costly, but prestigious and functional packaging because it allows you to get a 100% natural, rich and aromatic tea without adding synthetic aromas, as other companies do.

100% Natural

Fitness Tea® does not contain:

  • Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
  • glutamate
  • preservatives
  • sucrose
  • additives
  • aromas

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